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Management Team
Jimmy Zhimin Huang, Chairman of Board
Mr. Huang graduated with from the Department of Physics' Radio Electric, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, China 1980. Who received his Master degree from the Department of Digital Communication, Electronic Engineering, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey 1984. Mr. Huang started his career as an Engineer and later Chief Engineer of Codi Semi-conductor of Kenilworth, New Jersey and later procured Electronic Devices, Inc. of Yonkers, New York. Through out the years, he has founded the North Group of companies of EDI (Fujian), Inc. Jinan-North Welding Tools Co., Ltd., Sawmill-Tices Management LLC, and C and P Biotech Corp..

Under Mr. Huang's leadership, the North Group of companies has remained dynamic and responsive to its growing community of business clients and world market's changing needs. The flag ship company of Electronic Devices Inc. (hereinafter "EDI") started out in 1950. When Mr. Huang took over in 1994. The group has 80 employees, in 12 years, the group grow into forces compose of 200 employees and occupying several facilities all over the world with more than 200,000 sq ft in seven locations at Germany, China and United States of America dedicated to serve the clients and customers needs.

Steven Zhijian Huang, Vice Chairman

Mr. Steven Huang graduated with specialty in international financing from the College of Business Administration, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China 1984, who later studied in Indiana University 1987 and later graduated from Kean University of Elizabeth, New Jersey 1990. He had served in Bank of China for 10 years from 1977 to 1987 prior to join the North Group companies.

He had been assisting Chairman in founding the Group companies. His contribution to the North Group companies is definitely above and beyond the necessary management and business administration skills and professionalism calling for by any organization of this size, the North Group companies current standing in continuing its tradition of growth and promoting technology trades in the world community absolutely owe to his leadership and assistance. Today, it is generally known that North Group of Companies stands out from China's other premier companies in that it boasts both technology leadership and knowledge of international community in both the Country of China and United States of America.

Fong Joe Hou, Esq. General Counsel

Who received his Bachelor of Law, Master of Law, and later his Juris Doctor degree from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. After graduate from law school, he served as Associate Professor of Law in Chinese Culture University. He later he worked for AIG (American International Group) in its home office on Wall Street in New York. He started out as attorney and later served as a Senior Attorney. After long career with AIG he established his legal practice in 1992 in the State of New Jersey. He continues to base his law practice at the Law Offices Fong Joe Hou, LLC with offices in both Clark and Hackensack, New Jersey.

He had been working with the Group companies from the starting date of founding the Group companies. He truly is an intellectual scholar and has had extensive practical legal experience in variety of matters ranging from his long experience from Wall Street and his 23 years career as practicing attorney. His representative clients, whom are the clients we served on regular and constant basis including the top shipping-liners in the world and other various importer and exporter in the United States, particularly large computer integrators in the Chinese community in both China and the United States of America.

Hank Kolokoswky, Member of Board, Chief Operating Officer Technology

Mr. Kolokoswky graduated from the Department of Physics, Peter University of New Jersey. He served as Engineer and Chief Engineer for GI Semi-conductor. He had been working for EDI from 1982 as Chief Engineer, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Technology.

Mr. Kolokoswky is very experienced. His diverse engineering experience, background includes areas such as semi-conductor bridges, diodes and high-voltage products.

Joe DiLeo, Member of Board, Chief Operating Officer Marketing

Mr. DeLeo graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineer, Manhattan College, New York, New York 1982. He served as Engineer but alter switched to Marketing and he has helped the company to recover from September 11 incident in promoting marketing and business in semi-conductor, bridges, diodes and high-voltage products.

Qiang Chang, Member of Board, Vice Operating Officer Technology

Mr. Qiang Chang graduated from both the undergraduate program and the graduate program for Management at the Department of Bio-Medical, Hua Zhong University 1985 and 1987. He received his PH.D. from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey 1995. He worked for Bell Laboratory, Lucent Technology, AT&T. from 1996. He is now serving as Senior System Engineer in Quezo.

Willie Wu, Member of Board, Vice Operating Officer Technology

Mr. Willie Wu is a 17 years experienced IT engineer who serves the Wall Street Companies for many years. He has been serviced the Fashion industry, Law Firm, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance and Financial Banking Business in the challenging Wall Street area. He is a leading System Architect who has been engineered the various system integration, Data Center Relocation, Disaster Recovery and Security Messaging eXchange system. Currently he works for the Bank of New York as a Wireless System Architect and Backend Messaging Architect. Willie has massive knowledge and leading hands on computing skills in Networking Design, Firewall Setup, Projects management, Messaging administration and Wireless Network implementation.

Willie also is the project leader for various Bank of New York mergers. All the business and companies the bank acquired, Willie is the major player who integrate the system for both end. Willie technical and efficient communication skills have made him an asset of the bank and a system architect leader.

K.C. Tsai, Member of Board, Treasurer

Mr. Tsai graduated from the National Chun Hsin University, Taiwan and MBA from St. John's University. He is a licensed CPA in the United States, he is experienced and is responsible for financing planning, tax filing preparation and auditing the book for the North Group companies.

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