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2007-09-06 14:32:27 stage for SMEs for international business international B2B electronic commerce website is maintained and operated by North Technology Inc. North Technology Inc has been the leading Chinese company of UCECO. is formulated to be comprehensive practice for the strategy that  "provides the professional service for US-China manufacturing industry online or offline" when North Technology Inc set up at the beginning of 1999.


Depend on our original intention which is managed to set up a b2b electronic commerce platform for the Small and medium sized enterprises, and unifies our company newest strategy adjustment, the international B2B website which is developed and transformed officially by in 2006. It''s specific to serve the manufacturing industry market localization and facilitate in the spread power. We believe in the future we can make out own characteristic and the service in the electronic commerce industry. is an international platform for manufactures, suppliers, buyers all over the world, our goal is to assist small and medium sized worldwide companies win with more business opportunity in the oriental and occidental huge market, and find new business partners. We mainly provide 2 kinds of service: One is to break the deep sorrow "what you are looking for, is also looking for you" through internet. The other one is: after found out the partner, helps both sides who want to cooperate to solve the problem which difference in time, space and culture. urges the enterprise fully to take advantage of internet, and achieves the work which the internet can''t complete at present. (Report from Marketing Dept.: Jean Chen)

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