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2006 US-China Business Matchmaking Conference
2006-05-18 12:15:38

Dear Corporate Executives and Friends:

As the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Dog year for 2006, starts on January 29, our sixth annual trade mission to China begins to take registrations as well. Similar to the previous years, the 2006 mission, co-organized by US Department of Commerce and other organizations, will be a pre-matched, multi-city, and across-industry-lines event. This year, we are going to visit Shanghai, Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan Province, and the center city of the western part of China), Harbin (the capital of Heilongjiang Province,), and Beijing from May 22 through May 30, 2006.

As before, our 2006 trade mission will continue to provide some distinct values, which are most appreciated by the previous attendees, to the US companies:

  1. (1) The efficiency of one-stop shopping. The conference will pre-match at least 3-6 Chinese companies for the US attendees to meet at the event fully based on the US companies' business interests, in addition to organizing hundreds of non-pre-matched Chinese company attendees. By itself, as one previous attendee commented, a US company may take a few years to find these pre-matched and non-pre-matched companies, and by then, the China opportunity could be totally gone!
  2. (2) The connection with Chinese government. As anyone doing business with China would know, setting up a connection with a local or higher level of Chinese government is important for conducting business in China. Every year, we have ranking officials from central, provincial and municipal government participating in our events. This year, we expect some governors/deputy governors, and more than a dozen of city mayors will attend the events in the various cities, which is, usually, not easily accessible by individuals, and not very common for other events either.
  3. (3) The cost-effectiveness. Like you, we are sensitive to the price. While high level and high quality conferences usually charge high prices, our mission is an exception. In addition to the business content, our logistic arrangements are also first ranked and highly praised by the previous attendees. Experienced interpreters are individually provided for each US company, and all selected hotels are 4 or 5 star rated. The banquets, entertainment and tours are also included and pre-arranged. Given the sponsorships our association received, however, the cost for the entire trip is only about 50% or lower of any other comparable missions. This is especially helpful for the medium-small sized companies given their relatively tight budget for their overseas travels. Therefore, the quite unique combination of these three features makes our annual trade mission and match-making conference in China a valuable and welcomed event for the US companies.
Dear executives and friends, no matter how much modern technologies develop, nothing can replace a face-to-face talk and the first hand experience gained by the personal investigation of the place one is going to do business with. While the US-China business conferences we organize each year in the US provide the American companies with the opportunity to explore the China market right in their "backyard", these events are primarily driven by the visiting Chinese companies' business interest. So the summer trade mission to China is organized to supplement the events in the US to provide the American companies with the opportunity of exploring the China market fully based on their business interests.

Attached, please find the trade mission agenda and registration form. Welcome to visit our web site ( for the introduction of the cities we are going to visit and all the previous trade missions/events. Please contact us (e-mail: for more detailed info if interested. In order to give the China side adequate time to do the matchmaking, the deadline for the early bird registration is March 15, 2006. The deadline for the regular registration is April 15, 2006. We'll provide the match results for the US companies before the trip. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

USCEA, Your EZPass to the China Market!

Best regards,

George Wang

George Wang, Ph.D.
President, US-China Exchange Association (USCEA)

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