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Great Business Opportunities
2006-05-22 12:13:42
Great Business Opportunities

To promote US-China business cooperation and to further develop the western region of China, it have been coordinated with the Department of Commerce, United States of America and US-China Exchange Association (USCEA), and upon invitation and now co-sponsored additionally by Sichuan Province Government, 2006 US-China Matchmaking Conference (Chengdu) will start on May 24, 2006. This Conference is the main focus of the 7th Western China International Economy-Trade Fair.  In the previous Conferences, over 5000 US-China companies had transacted, invested or jointed hand in over 700 successful projects, and the agreement generated sum totaled over USD $800 Million.  Judging from the prior track records and experience, the Conference is generally viewed and expected to achieve if not much better results this time.  The US and Chinese companies to attend the conference is expect the get tremendous amount of new business opportunity.  The region is also expected to progress with the opportunities brought through this conference.

It is expected, the Honorable Undersecretary of US Commerce Department and other dignitaries, Governors 5 or 6 US Chief Executives, and the US Business Delegation consisted of 80 US corporations' president or Asian directors organized from Arkansas, Hawaii, Massachusetts etc. near 10 states, will come to this Conference, converse with China corporations about the investment and financing projects on machine, farm products and produces and to set up associated companies.

At the conference, our reporter from will provide live on scene tracing of all activities of the Conference on time. One of the platforms of North Technology Inc. ( will be the most accurate and convenient channel for knowing the conference activities and for background insight information of all participants. Reported by Chen Jinqing

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