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161online opens its arms and services to help in assisting and developing US-China Business cooperation
2006-05-24 10:30:01

The 2006 annual US-China Economic Cooperation Conference (Sichuan), which was co-organized by the US-China Exchange Association, Department of Commerce US Federal Government and US-China Business Alliance, is held this month of May in Chengdu, China. As one of the major and chief enterprise of Chinese Internet Service Provider and B2B business and the only network provider and media in Conference. 161Online has published an article titled <>. In short, it described that 161Online have been in operation for 6 years, and this is the high it present itself, as bridges or as someone capable of playing both American and Chinese cards. 161Online was formulated to be a comprehensive Internet Provider with strategy that "provides the professional information service for US-China manufacturing industry online or offline". When started at the beginning of 1999. It is the first Internet service website for the US-Chinese corporations and/or for, to and by the people.

According to the industry inside sources "with the Internet technology promotion, B2B, B2C, and C2C websites are now extremely easy. The website including information covering supply and demand information, products research, real time picture presentations, is now possible to be completed by a programmer in a week. Some famous commercial website source code or program is publicly sold in several hundred Yuan prices. All people may be able to try, but not one could achieve the scale of 161online is they do not have the management team of 161Online. The thoughts, the innovation and the business and commercial experience. Therefore, we appeal to the B2B provider to pay more attention on the promotion idea, not to unnecessary gadget or gimmick functions. We also wish to remind those businesses or enterprises to consult seriously with existing Internet provider like 161Online, not to simply spend high expenses on ineffective promotions. As a summation, "talk to 161Online, we are listening".   

Currently, the well known Chinese B2B provider includes, but not limited to Yahoo,, However, the new star on the block is really an old-timer, which was set up by well established US-China professional manufacturing service organizations, a serious business and will serve better Chinese B2B business needs.

In order to provide the concentrated or professional service for the American and Chinese manufacturing industry, 161Online set it goal to not only offers various commercial information, but also to provide the interface of B2B website that may help to communicate and to solves problem. From the 16.2 billion US dollars orders which signed during the recently President Hu's visited USA, to this US-China Economic Cooperation Conference (China), both parties have made serious effort to reduce trade imbalance.  We want to see more of the high level exchanges to promote more of the trades However, VIP like Ms. Wu Yi is not likely to frequent visit US. Conference attendee like this is not likely to frequent gather. 161Online therefore coming in. We need the culture bridges to facilitate the constant needs for frequent US-Chinese business communication and exchange needs. As one of the subsidiaries, 161online knows Chinese and American manufacturing industries. Coming now as the shinning star, come out with a bag bang. It provides the full service for American and Chinese business, and completely to resolve problems encountered by the American and Chinese enterprises. It will be focus solely in the American and Chinese manufacturing industries.

From 1999 Mr. Huang Zhimin founded 161Online in Fuzhou City, China, Mr. Huang has more than twenty years experience in the US-China manufacturing and supported his management team that composed with professionals with outstanding career resume and in the same wavering with Mr. Huang.  161Online is one of the partner with the US-China Exchange Association partner and is the primary B2B provider for the association. 

"To seek and thou shall be sought" or " what you are looking for, is also looking for you" through internet 161Online is your source of business exchanges. The simple fact is that 161Online help both sides who want to cooperate to solve the problem which difference in time, space and culture a place to meet and exchange. 161Online urges all business, be that American or Chinese, to fully take advantage of 161Online internet to achieve the exchange goal.                    Reported by Xiaoyin, Translated by Chen Jinqing

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