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1992 Purchased Electronic Devices Inc.
1992 Established Jinan North welding Tools Co.,Ltd. in Jinan, China.
1994 Established EDI (Fujian) Ltd. in Fujian, China.
1999 Established North Information System (Fujian) Co.,Ltd to expand China operations.
1999 A TICQ platform is available to provide immediate communications services and community services.
2000 B2B website and are available for promoting the information communication of small medium-sized Enterprises between China and Occident.
2004 platform was set up to provide services for Chinese users to purchase, exchange services in domestic real estate.
2004 Established Mianyang USM Technology Co.,Ltd dedicated to design and producing reflective materials.
2005 Wholly purchased CP-Biotech Corp dedicated to design and producing natural skin products.
2006 Established the international B2B website, which is developed by, especially promoting global small medium-sized Enterprises to expand their business opportunity.
2007 was set up for tracking number search, whenever and wherever tracking your cargo.

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