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The Headquarters of North Technology Inc., set up in New Jersey, USA, is a center for design, manufacturing, investment and others services for international business. Their involvement is in the areas of electronic components, welding equipment and tools, software development, internet business services and financial investment. Our team is not only expert at Western style management and operation but also familiar with the Chinese management model and which result in smoother, efficient East-West investment and trading within the WTO rules. Through the company's investment in international and Chinese joint ventures, it is enjoying an excellent business relationship with major corporations such as ITW Groups, the Miller Electric Mfg, Siemens, Litton companies, 3M, Avery Dennison, NEC, Toshiba etc..

The company exists in an environment of rapid growth. North Technology operates by taking high tech as the foundation. Then, through a dedicated and invigorated staff, it strengthens internal operational capability, upgrades services and introduces further technological innovation.

North Technology regards the talented person as its most precious asset. The company continually strengthens staff training, building individual and group dynamics within in various enterprises. Presently North is widely recruiting specific talents for Marketing Management, Technology Development or General Administration. If you are aware of North's rapid growth, what are you waiting for? JoiningNorth now would be your best choice. North will provide a showcase for you talent.

At the same time the company will provide you with a generous salary and fringe benefits, training opportunities, personal professional development and channels for job advancement and promotion. You are welcome to send your resume by e-mail or mail. Please indicate in the subject or on the envelope the position and salary desired. We look forward to receiving your resume. (Please also look at the job opportunities listed by our subsidiary companies.)

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