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The Headquarters of North Technology Inc., set up in New Jersey, USA is a center for design, manufacturing, investment and other services for international business. Their involvement is in the areas of electronic components, welding equipment and tools, software development, internet business services and financial investment. Our team is not only expert at Western style management and operation but also familiar with the Chinese management model which results in smoother, efficient East-West investment and trading within the WTO rules.

It's Subsidiary Company North Information System (Fujian) Co., Ltd is a leading Internet media and value-added information service provider dedicated to providing services to the global Internet users and Small Medium sized enterprises (SMEs). North Information System (Fujian) has many Internet platforms to serve our global Internet users and SMEs through three main business operations: the domestic b2b website and the international b2b website for the exchange and matching of information on-line, to purchase and service real estate, is serving for tracking number search, whenever and wherever tracking your cargo. These on-line services centers provide our great number of corporations and government with network media and information exchange online, user payment services, wireless value added services and e-solutions to other administrative functions. We have more than 10 million international members on our list; more than 20 million daily visits are made to our site. These are the best international B2B trade marketplaces for all companies in the Chinese mainland as well as global SMEs.

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